Medical rental

MediCapital Rent provides rental services for almost any kind of medical and laboratory equipment for clinical trials. We’re proud to be the first-choice supplier of many of the world’s leading contract research organizations, central labs and pharma companies. Maintaining stocks at warehouses in the Netherlands and the United States, our friendly and knowledgeable staff respond quickly to any needs you may have – during preparatory stages, while trials are on-going and after completion.

First-choice supplier of many of the world’s leading CRO's, central labs and pharma companies.

Cooling equipment

A range of proven medical refrigerators and freezers in various ranges and volumes.

  • Basic compact refrigerator
  • Compact pharma specs refrigerator
  • Under-counter glass-door pharma specs refrigerator
  • Upright 240 liters refrigerator
  • Upright glass door pharma specs refrigerator
  • Basic compact freezer
  • Under-counter pharma specs freezer
  • Upright pharma specs freezer
  • Compact ultralow upright freezer
  • Under-counter ultralow upright freezer
  • Compact ultralow chest freezer

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We maintain all stocks at our warehouses in the Netherlands and the United States.

Patient Monitoring & Measurement

Various point of care and diagnostics units. For patient entry measurements, as well as continuous monitoring on- and off-site.

  • PoC Hemoglobin meter
  • PoC Glucose meter
  • PoC White Blood Cell Count meter

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ECG Equipment

An innovative portfolio of diagnostic ECG devices designed to serve the continuum of clinical care. Spanning remote ECG acquisition in telemedicine applications, to physician office and hospital solutions and beyond to the unique requirements of clinical trials.

  • Full-size A4 12-Lead Printing ECG
  • Compact Basic A4 12-Lead Printing ECG
  • A5 12-Lead Printing ECG
  • Handheld 12-Lead Paperless ECG

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Meters, Monitors & Scales

Various patient thermometers and temperature recording equipment, all provided with calibration certificates, to ensure reliable results throughout your clinical trial.

  • Basic upper arm BPM
  • Upperarm BPM, incl printer and software suite
  • Labscale, personal & infant scale
  • Height meter
  • Portable desk top Diagnostic Spirometer
  • PC-based Spirometer
  • Handheld Diagnostic Spirometer
  • (Ultralow) PDF Logger
  • Digital Ear thermometer

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Infusion pumps

Both infusion pumps as well as syringe pumps for immediate delivery. These pumps have proven to be one of the most flexible and versatile units currently available.

  • Compact syringe pump
  • Compact volumetric infusion pump

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A wide array of centrifuges to meet your exact needs for any situation. Ambient or refrigerated, swing-out or fixed-angle, bench top or full-size, we aim to provide a centrifuge matching your requirements.

  • Ambient fixed-angle rotor centrifuge
  • Ambient high-speed microlitre tube centrifuge
  • Ambient high-speed haematocrit centrifuge
  • Ambient swing-out rotor centrifuge
  • Refrigerated fixed-angle rotor centrifuge
  • Refrigerated high-speed microlitre tube centrifuge
  • Refrigerated swing-out rotor centrifuge

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Sample & Drug Storage

On-site drug or sample storage knows many variables. Our products range from simple medicine cabinets, to climate controlled storage all the way to full-size medication safes.

  • Compact digital incubator
  • Under-counter glass-door ambient storage cabinet

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Other / Various

Every trial has specific needs, that are not matched by products from a standard catalog. We offer a lot of equipment from stock, but if we don’t have it on stock…we’ll go get it.

  • Bladderscan
  • CryoShipper
  • Uroport
  • Laptop
  • Tablet

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