BPM M3 blood pressure monitor
Clinically validated
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The Omron M3 is a clinically validated blood pressure meter, the automatic pressurization makes determining blood pressure both easy and accurate.

Accuracy Pressure ± 3 mmHg Pulse: Within ± 5% of reading
Measurement Method Oscillometric
Measurement Range Pressure: 0-299 mmHg Pulse: 40-180 beats/min
Pressurization Automatic
Detailed description

Easy to Use
Keep accurate records of your blood pressure readings with
the M3 Blood Pressure Monitor.
Simply wrap the cuff around your arm and press START.
The M3 Blood Pressure Monitor will display blood pressure
and pulse on its large digital panel.

The M3 is validated both by the European Society of
Hypertension (ESH) as well as by the
British Hypertension Society (BHS).

All M3 sets will be supplied with a standard medium size
upper arm cuff. Both a smaller (infant) cuff, as well as a larger cuff,
are available upon request.