About MediCapital Rent

MediCapital Rent is the world’s leading, one-stop resource providing medical equipment rentals for clinical trials. The reason we’re leader is our unrivalled, global logistics chain, forged and exploited by a seasoned team of experts dedicated to total customer satisfaction and peace of mind. MediCapital Rent is committed to the timely and continuous availability of the latest and best-quality equipment, wherever in the world it is needed. By taking the logistics of ordering, shipment and documented equipment returns out of your hands, we save you time and money - time and money better spent on research and trials.


The idea to set up a company like MediCapital Rent was born in the mind of its founder and CEO, Jeroen Kok. In 1995, he identified the gap in the market and jumped straight in, backing up equipment rentals with a tailor-made, full-service logistics chain. MediCapital Rent has since grown steadily, expanding its range of services and becoming innovation leader in the industry.

MediCapital Rent is a wholly owned subsidiary of MediCapital Group and has its head office and main warehouse in Leiden, the Netherlands. A further sales office operates out of the Zurich area in Switzerland and MediCapital Rent has a facility in the U.S. serving the pan-American market.

The advantages of renting medical equipment

  • Less expenses
  • Various renting models available
  • Total care for your project
  • Large inventory of equipment
Commitment to our promise. Enjoyment in what we do. Respect & Flexibility. My choice: how to bring this company into the future.
  • Jeroen Kok
  • CEO
  • MediCapital Group
Our solution-driven approach means we can tackle any challenge, and we love challenges.
  • Ramon van Maaren
  • Director U.S.
  • MediCapital Rent