IL10 Incubator
Compact air incubator
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Temperature Range Ambient +5°C to 70°C
Temperature Uniformity +/- 0.5°C at 37°C
Chamber Volume 10 liters
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH) 285 × 280 × 335 mm
Chamber Dimensions (WxDxH) : 230 × 220 × 200 mm
Shelves 1
Power Supply 230V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz
Detailed description

Easy of Use
IL 10 digital incubators offer an economical and space saving solution for microbiology or hematology applications. The temperature can be freely adjusted in
increments of 0,1 °C up to a maximum of 70 °C. Heating elements are incorporated
into the housing base and walls to ensure temperature stability and uniformity. The
IL 10 is available with a transparent plexiglas® window to provide full visibility. The
housing and door frame is constructed entirely of epoxy coated mild steel.

Complete Package
The MediCapital Rent series of incubators are designed for laboratories and clinics
that require contemporary styling, accuracy, and economy in a basic incubator

Successful incubation is dependent upon the environmental conditions. As such,
you need to trust that your valuable samples are maintained in a safe and efficient
manner. This incubator is designed to provide long-term performance with
optimal conditions. The incubator has a chamber uniformity of +/- 0.5C at 37°C
within the bounds of the shelf area.

All MediCapital rent Incubators are validated upon shipment and provided to the site including certificates and documentation.